Renew an Existing Registration

  1. From the PULSE Portal Services Menu, select Renew an Existing Registration.  

  1. On the Search Registration Renewal screen, select Individual. Enter your Last Name, Registration Number, Renewal ID, and Birth Date (MM/DD/YYYY), and then click Next.

Note: The renewal ID was mailed to you by Pearson VUE. The ID is valid for online renewals only until 24 hours after the expiration date on the renewal. If you miss the renewal period, you will have to submit a renewal by mail.

  1. Read the Attestation statement. If you agree, click I Agree.

Note:  If you click I Disagree, the system will not let you continue with the renewal.

  1. Verify the selected information. Click Continue.

  1. Respond to each question by clicking Yes or No, and then click Continue.

Note: If you do not click the expected answer, an error message appears: "Comment is required when the answer does not match the expected answer." Write in the comment field the reason for your answer. If you indicate that you need to change your name or SSN, you may continue with this renewal form, but you must also submit a written request and proper documentation (e.g., marriage certificate, copy of SS card) along with a copy of your Continued Enrollment form or Renewal Confirmation Page. Send the request and documentation to: Pearson VUE PA Nurse Aide Registry, PO Box 13785, Philadelphia, PA 19101-3785.  If you do not send the proper documentation, Pearson VUE will send you a deficiency letter and your registration renewal will be delayed until proper documentation is received.

  1. The Employment Information page appears with your most recent employment record. Verify your employment information. Click the check box if the information is correct, and then click Continue.

      1. Enter your most recent employment information into the fields. If applicable, enter an End Date.

  1. Verify your contact information. If you need to make changes, click the highlighted address change link to the right of the field, and enter new information into the fields. Click Save, and then click Continue.

  1. Enter your Credit Card and billing information. Blue fields are REQUIRED. Applicants from the United States or Canada must enter a state or province. All other applicants must enter a country. Click Continue.

  1. Review the Registration Renewal summary to be sure all the information is accurate. If you need to make a change, click Change My Request. If the information is accurate, print a copy of this page for your records. Then click Renew My Registration.

  1. Review the confirmation screen and take note of the Confirmation ID. You will need the confirmation number in order to use the portal's Application/Renewal Status Inquiry. You may print this page for your records by clicking the Print button in the lower right corner.